Monday, July 30, 2012

Are Trade Journalists Overdoing The Free Tickets, Booze And Creme Brulee Provided By The Places They Cover?

Is it out of hand, folks? On any level?

I'm just asking. Not being passive aggressive. Not being smarmy. I seriously would like to know your thoughts, and measured responses are welcome.

Cool new site has a post up that kinda dances around it, and I think it is actually very important. They start to poke the eye of everyone that has called themselves an entertainment journalist while -- constantly, always and non-stop -- reveling in the food/drink/parties/etc. that are prevalent as hosted by networks, studios, etc.

The TCAs are the most recent example of constant fun time. And ComicCon, of course. And it was really evident when the Los Angeles Kings battled for the Stanley Cup. So many of you were “thankful for the tickets” and “thrilled to be in the NBC box” or whatever.

So many folks bitch (strangely) about Nikki never being seen. How do you know she doesn't go out? Just because she doesn't mix with you at parties hosted by the people she wants to blast? That's actually probably a good policy. It has served her well.

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  1. "What's the latest example of a story that bashed a TV or film company unapologetically...especially from one that showed you a wonderful time."

    Umm this happens all the time. People in the industry understand it's a business that means being pissed off at someone one week, and chummy the next. Stories come and go. Parties are attended. You're all in it together, for better or worse. Nikki wouldn't be able to reign through bullying fear if she showed up at parties. She's not doing it out of some journalistic integrity.