Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hollywood Reporter's Print Edition Is Very Good This Week ... And It's Time To Give Them Full Credit For Reviving Their Brand

If there’s any doubt left anywhere that THR has not completely revitalized itself, then that’s now officially stupid. Their recent print issue is great. Not so much because of the Aurora coverage, but because they managed to look like there’s an abundance of care, organization, effort and overall pride in the product…and in a brand that was once chided for punting their daily edition and was always second-fiddle to Variety. No more. Re: Aurora, the responded well on deadline, with good opinion pieces. But that aside, it’s just the overall meat of the issue -- some informative, some goofy, some serious, some fun -- that makes this one of their defining chapters. With a striking and controversial cover that some will pick apart, the whole issue just feels, well, exactly what a weekly should feel like. Relevant, mainly. And great images as always. So as they continue their rebirth, this issue takes them to a new place. Congrats, gang. Your plan to rewire your legacy has worked. And not too get too overly goopy, but on a day when Newsweek waved the white flag, this looks even more impressive. You certainly have a staff that loves what they do, isn't tired, isn't hamstrung and obviously contributes new ideas non-stop in a changing media landscape. It all shows.


  1. Must. Stop. Urge. To stick finger. In throat.

  2. Must... fight... urge... to not make fun of spineless pussies who have the audacity to post snide comments, but not the balls to do it under their real names. You're a small but opinionated man, Anonymous. My, how proud your parents must be. You know, Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous.

    1. I asked Mrs. Anonymous what she thought of me. She said I'm a nice person, but Mark is a punk-assed Janice Minn lover. Feels good to know she loves me.

  3. Nice job as usual. Prometheus is a class act.

  4. Kathy Aaronson
    A must cover to cover read that puts the reader in the right place, at the right time with the right information. Janice Minn/Lynne Segall and team Prometheus deserve our unreserved applause for developing industry careers and highly profitable business transactions.