Friday, July 6, 2012

If Variety Really Does Land In The Hands Of Jay Penske Or Sharon Waxman...

Per this New York Post item, which is pegged to Ron Burkle, do you realize how sweet this would be for Jay/Nikki and Sharon. Not just from a "new editorial toy" perspective, but from a revenge perch? They would be soooooooo happy to show the world that they conquered and vanquished a hallowed, old media brand as storied as Variety. So they would go soooooooo out of their way to show the current staff that their way is the best and only way. And that Variety’s traditional methods of gathering, distributing, paying for, cultivating, breaking and caring for news are exactly what led to a) the sale in the first place; b) the price dropping so steeply over the past few years; c) its recent staff purges; and d) dwindling marketshare. And what, exactly, is their way? 

You already know what it is. It’s all the time. It’s non-stop. It’s not writing a couple of 300-word stories, tweeting their love of “Friday Night Lights” or their obsessive smarmy hatred of “The Newsroom” … and then going home, only to say, “busy day today, honey…I wrote two stories.” It’s wake up and post. No excuses. No overbaked process. No snail-ish copyediting to catch commas and newspaper ruminating. Total accountability. Legacy means little. It will be all about change, progress, profits, in-your-face, traffic, building, creating. Fast, now and no whining. Waxman, Nikki, Ausiello, Fleming, Nellie. All bulldogs. All in. All the time. So is every Variety staffer ready to please the new boss...whoever that may be?

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