Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking News Scorecard: Aurora News Needs Urgency And Updates...So How's Everyone Doing?

4:07 UPDATE:

Variety has redesigned their homepage (for good?) to add some weight to the events. The new look suits them.

2:00 p.m. UPDATE: 

THR ... 22 stories
Deadline ... 19 stories
The Wrap ... 13 stories
Variety ... 7 stories

NOON: I'll talk quality later, but in the meantime, the Aurora tragedy gives outlets -- even entertainment ones -- a chance to do what they all claim to do best: fast journalism. So alongside all the chatter is the very real business of news ... so do what these numbers whatever you wish. (Standard box office stories are not included unless they have been reworked with appropriate news relating to the shooting.)

Based on what I easily saw at noon sharp, here's the tally (if I am wrong, let me know...some of the stories are tucked away):

Deadline ... 19 stories
THR ... 18 stories
The Wrap ... 10 stories
Variety ... 2 stories

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